Arma and First Contact

As it turned out the alien craft which boggled the boozy eyes of the celebrants at midnight of New Year's Eve was no warship but the benign First Contact team from the planet Sagan, a crew which happened to include one of the few survivors of the Kryptonian cataclysm, Bab-el, as well as the ship's mascot, the seven headed Apocasaurus from the late planet Wermwud, named Arma in honor of the event and for the next hundred years the beloved resident of the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo.

By the year 2100 the human race was in contact with the Commonwealth of Worlds. Planetary cataclysm, we realized, was not some distant mythic ending of the universe but, like the birth of sentient species, a normal part of the life cycle. The second ArmageddonCon was convened to relate, compare and understand the deaths of worlds. We are delighteded to have among our guests of honor Yisra-el, a direct descendent of Bab-el herself.