the Guest Lectures:

The Battle of Blitzen

Blitzish pilots, with their characteristic chin up, stiff upper lip and goggly eyes, are a familiar sight in every spaceport cantina in the galaxy, but not everyone knows the heroic and tragic story of their origin.

Never have so many almost owed so much to so few as in the gallant battle of the R.A.F.-Resolute Asteroid Fighters-against a major meteor cluster on a collision course with the planet Blitzen. Piloting their nimble little 'Spitfire' spacecraft, named for the dragons aback which they learned their flying skills, the daring young men with "The Right Ho" dashed and zapped with grace and vim, vaporizing hundreds of boulders into harmless pebbles.

Unfortunately one city-size rock managed to get past the defenders and wipe out all life on the planet, humanoid and dragonoid. The only survivors of the heroic defense were the fliers themselves, who are available as freelancers for missions of aetherobatics, rescue, exploration and planetary defense ( pro-life only, no mortal combat please). Contact our guest speaker, Captain Blighty of Blighty Moonstone's Flying Circus.