the Guest Lectures:

The Devestation of Nuke

No one really knows how the hostilities between the Armaregons and the Revelussions originated, or how they intensified to such deadly effect in such a short period of time. Within less than an Earth century, the two societies which had lived on opposite sides of the planet Nuke with little commerce and no conflict between them, made the breakthrough to space travel, electronics and atomic power. Suddenly both sides became hysterical in their efforts, not to take over the world, but to prevent the other side from doing so. And so they developed the philosophy of 'mutual deterrence'. Each side armed itself with enough thermonuclear weapons to destroy the planet several times overů.but once over lightly, it turned out, was quite enough.

The only survivors were the crews of the orbiting fortresses which oversaw the uneasy standoff, launched the ultimate battle, and were helpless to stop it as they saw their homelands going up in hundreds of red-orange blossoms of death.

Still, as our guest speakers General Tweedlington and Marshall Tweedlovitch will explain, mutual deterrence is a good idea, in theory, and shouldn't be dismissed out of hand just because it backfired one time.