the Guest Lectures:

Al-Qaeos Attaqqs

Eqzaema Thin-Bad'un and his cult of interstellar terrorists, variously knows as Al-Qaeos, Al-Qthulhu and Al-Qaeseltzer, are credited with dozens of devastating planetary attacks, all in the name of the Entropian religion, which holds that life and especially civilization are the enemies of the universe's natural state of chaos.

After terrorist suicide teams crashed their ships into the Trade Center Worlds, huge twin space stations orbiting Greater Manzana in the Usonan Empire, with great destruction and loss of life, the Usonans decided to wipe out the Entropian fanatics.

The young Dilbyu Beanbagender was convinced that he was playing an arcade game when unbeknownst to him he was actually commanding the invasion force of Zuban Al-Aqrab, Thin Bad'un's base planet. The planet was decimated but to this day it is not known whether the arch-terrorist was physically present at the battle and Entropized in the assault or whether he too was there only in virtuality and remains at large.