The Katz-Shteinberg Duo  



I recorded this CD with Dmitri Shteinberg in the summer of 2004.

It includes Hindemith Sonata no.3 from 1939, Bach Third Sonata for Viola da Gamba and my transcription of Violin Sonata in B flat by Mozart.

Here is a review of the CD that was recently published in American Record Guide:


"Two very fine New York based musicians. Shmuel Katz is a refreshingly facile violist. I compared his performance of Hindemith's Viola Sonata 3 with the composer's own. Katz's intonation is far more secure, his tone production much smoother and his vibrato much more consistent.  Katz and Shteinberg are able to play with a far greater dynamic range. Dmitri Shteinberg is able to accompany a viola without drowning it out or losing his own personality, which is better than Jesus Maria Sanroma was able to do in his recording with the composer. It has the requisite breadth and power, it has fine contrasts of legato with the more staccato outbursts, the slow Phantasie is darkly moody. The theme and variations finale is sensitively played so that the low dynamics don't cause the listener to lose interest...."  American Record Guide March/April 2006

It is finally available for sale and on this website I charge only $14.95 which includes shipping to anywhere in the world!





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